The Forrester Center
19 Apr

Fentanyl – Taking More and More Lives in Spartanburg County

Fentanyl is taking more and more lives in Spartanburg County. The Forrester Center for Behavioral Health is one arm of the local effort to combat the overall opioid problem.

“If you are buying opiates, pills, or other drugs off the street, you don’t know. You don’t know what might be laced in that,” said Susan O’Brien, CEO of the Forrester Center for Behavioral Health. 

“People come in, they can get the medicines that can help the withdrawal,” said O’Brien. “To give them that medical intervention and then of course the therapy that comes with it.”

“When folks come in with opiate use disorder they can really have a heart to heart conversation. If that person wants to start on a medical protocol, they get their first induction in the hospital so they’re not leaving with that withdrawal,” said O’Brien. 

Read the entire news article on WSPA – Fentanyl overdose deaths increase in Spartanburg County

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