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10 Dec

Tips to Follow to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

Tips to Follow to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

If you want to avoid a stressful holiday period, then here are six tips you might wish to follow:

Spend Within Your Means

It’s fine being generous, but not if you have to deal with a hefty credit card bill in January. Most people prefer ‘personal’ gifts – they can get the latest electronic gizmo themselves at any time.

Don’t Over-Indulge

Of course the holidays are an excuse to over-indulge, but do you really need to? How about just treating yourself? Bad food and beverage choices result in you feeling ill, which can make stressed feelings become even more pronounced.

Count To Ten

Bringing families together is of course worthwhile, but it’s also the perfect time for old grudges to resurface, and old incidents to be replayed. If you feel yourself being drawn into a stressful situation, then count to ten, smile, change the subject or politely move somewhere else.

Keep Moving

Your normal fitness schedule can change greatly during the holiday season, especially as leisure facilities close or the weather turns bitter. It’s important that you keep moving, as exercise is not only good for you, it releases plenty of stress-reducing endorphins.

Take a Break

The holiday period does not have to be “go, go, go” 24/7. Schedule some time for yourself during which you can relax and do the kind of things that you normally do. Why not sit down with a good book, or take a hot, relaxing bath?

Think of Others

Perhaps you have a neighbor who doesn’t have any family and/or very few friends. If you begin to get stressed, them consider how they must be feeling. Why not go and pay them a visit? They will probably be pleased that someone is thinking of them and it will give you a chance to get your mind off of the stress in your own life.

Holidays should be fun, not stress-inducing nightmares. To manage your holiday stress, simply remember as many of these tips as you possibly can. If you still find yourself dealing with levels of stress and anxiety that seem unbearable, feel free to reach out to The Forrester Center for help.

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