Adult Services

Intervention Services
Therapeutic Alternatives to Domestic Violence Program
Domestic Violence (DV) is a court-approved program for those recommended to complete a Batterer’s Treatment program due to charges of Domestic Violence. In the DV program, participants are taught skills to prevent physical, sexual, and psychological violence. The program provides accountability for actions and behavior; educates about the cycle of violence and control within family systems; and offers substance abuse counseling to those who may be struggling with alcohol or other drug problems. Also, the DV program provides support and resources for participants and families. We have gender-specific classes available and the fees are $20.00 per class ($25/class beginning 10/1/21). Please call (864) 707-2842 for orientation and class schedules.
Offender Based Intervention Program
The Offender Based Intervention Program is a ten-week educational service designed for individuals who have been ordered by the court to complete services that address criminal and addictive patterns. The curriculum for the Responsible Thinking group focuses on changing behavior by changing one’s thinking. Thinking errors and relapse prevention are key issues that are covered in-depth during the ten weeks in group. New strategies and tools are developed to create new, responsible and healthy lifestyles. Fees are $20.00 per class ($25/class beginning 10/1/21). Please call (864) 707-2842 for class schedules.

Anger Management
The Anger Management group is a six to twelve-week educational group primarily utilized by the criminal justice system. The evidence-based curriculum mostly incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and interventions in the treatment of anger disorder. In the Anger Management program, participants learn to manage anger effectively; stop violence or threat of violence; develop self-control over thoughts and actions; and receive support from others. The fees are $25.00 per class. Please call (864) 707-2842 for class schedules.