Our Legacy

The Forrester Center


Mr. David Forrester’s career spanned over 40 years in the field of behavioral health, specializing in the care of individuals suffering from substance use disorders. For more than 35 years, Mr. Forrester served as Executive Director of then Spartanburg Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (SADAC).

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In 2016, Spartanburg County Council proclaimed April 22 to be “David L. Forrester Day” and approved the renaming of SADAC to The Forrester Center for Behavioral Health.  In its proclamation, the Spartanburg County Council stated, in part, that Mr. Forrester “…was a dedicated advocate and his commitment helped to move countless residents of Spartanburg County from addiction to recovery…” and that Mr. Forrester “…was a long-term planner who helped to identify, develop and make available appropriate programs to residents, including specialized prevention, education, intervention, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and programs in criminal justice…"